I saw the new “antichrist”.  They look similar, but they are completely different

Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz’s “The Quack” was first made into a film in 1937, but today perhaps only a few people have seen it. However, the 1982 film, directed by Jerzy Hofmann, has become a classic of Polish cinema. She became his icon. So why take something that was perfect, improve it, change it, and try to prove that you can do better? How do you compare with both the then director and actor, Jerzy Bencicki? This attempt seems doomed to failure, and certainly to many criticisms, because Hoffmann’s “Quack” is feelings, memories and even a family tradition watching on holidays or Sundays the story of a doctor who lost his memory and who became a doctor who heals people in the countryside.

Netflix, Bartosz Mrozowski / press materials

Leszek Leshota as Anthony Kosyba in the movie “Quack”

I myself have probably watched the 1982 movie “The Quack” at least 20 times. For some people, Easter without this movie might be like Christmas without Home Alone, but the value of the movie is completely different. And despite those 20 times, there was always the same emotion, the same expectation when Pyotr Fruntzevsky, who played Dobranitsky, said the same line: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Professor Rafael Wilchor.”

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