Germany: The President travels to Tanzania.  “Historic visit”

The German Head of State embarks on a trip to track down German crimes committed in… Colonial areas in East Africa. Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to Tanzania is scheduled to begin on Monday. The area of ​​this African country was subject to Germany’s expansionist policy until 1918.

Steinmeier is scheduled to visit Songia Historical center of the Maji Maji uprising Against German colonial rule. There were independence movements there in 1905-1907. It is estimated that up to 300,000 people died in the fighting. People come from about 20 local tribes.

The German President travels to Africa. “The German government must confront the crimes of the past.”

The German government must finally confront the crimes of the past. The scars of these atrocities can be felt throughout Tanzania They are persecuting us Tanzanian historian Oswald Masebo commented on the visit. It’s on the itinerary The president’s meeting with the descendants of victims of German repression. The people of Tanzania have been subjected to incredible suffering, from their bodies being mutilated to being beheaded and taken to Germany.

The local historian confirmed that he expected the German president to apologize for the wrongs caused to the entire nation. This visit cannot remain an isolated event, but must be the beginning A long process of reconciliation and healing – added.

He stated that knowledge about German persecution is scant. These brutal crimes are deliberately kept silent. So that the national identity of the Germans is not questioned And not to threaten what is called nation building – he said. He called for the issue of the colonization of East Africa to be included in school curricula so that young Germans could learn about their history.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier travels to Tanzania. Will he raise the issue of compensation?

In 2020, the Tanzanian ambassador asked the German federal government to enter into negotiations on reparations for colonial crimes.. – It begins by asking: Who should receive such compensation? – The Tanzanian historian said, pointing out that the matter is complicated.

He added that compensation for the Germans had a financial dimension. Meanwhile, locals may see it very differently. The Western concept of reparations does not automatically address the historical scars that Tanzania suffers from. It is impossible to financially compensate a human life – Oswald Masebo confirmed and pointed this out Tanzanians should decide for themselves what form of compensation they want.

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