North Korea destroys a symbol of reconciliation with the South.  Kim Jong Un's decision

North Korea has demolished a 30-metre-tall monument symbolizing hope and unity with South Korea. The decision in this regard was scheduled to be made by Kim Jong Un, who previously described this figure as “disgusting.”

North Korea sends a symbolic signal o Tensions escalate between Pyongyang and Seoul. According to information provided by NK News, Kim Jong Un He issued a decision to demolish the Unification ArchIt symbolizes hope and Reconciliation with the south.

Korean Peninsula. Tension between the two countries is increasing

Arc of Triumph in Pyongyang It was built on the road from Pyongyang to Kaesong, and continues to South Korea. Completed in 2001, the memorial depicts two women holding an emblem outlining the entire Korean peninsula. It was supposed to be a symbol of unity between the two countries.

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In a speech last week by Supreme People's AssemblyKim Jong-un called the building “nonsense” and called it “disgusting.” He also ordered the constitution to be amended to describe South Korea as… “The main enemy that does not change.”

Demolishing the reunification arch. Kim Jong Un has made a decision

The structure was built to commemorate the reunification plans put forward by Kim's grandfather and North Korea's founder, Kim Il Sung. As The Guardian noted, the demolition is purely symbolic, but there have been reports of its removal This could exacerbate fears that North Korea has taken a more provocative course in its relations with the South and its allies a few months before the US presidential elections.

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The American portal NK News, based in Seoul, reported on the destruction of the Reunification Arch Based on current satellite images. Authorities in Pyongyang were also scheduled to liquidate government agencies that played a key role during decades of cooperation with its southern neighbour. As Kim ordered Accelerate military preparations To the “war that can.” Start anytime.”

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