"I failed".  Igor Milic spoke after the defeat!

Shock and sensation in one! The Polish champion, the richest club in the league, was eliminated from the tournament already in the quarter-finals. – It was not supposed to look like this, it failed – says Igor Milic, coach of Arged BM Stali.

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Igor Milic

Press materials / Rafai Jakubowicz / Arjed BM Stahl / Pictured: Igor Milic

There hasn’t been such a feeling in the Polish league for years. Favorite Arged BM Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski, the main favorite to win the National Championship, has been eliminated from the tournament already in the quarter-final stage. The residents of Ostrow lost the rivalry with Legia Warsaw 0:3 and in April finished the match in the 2021/2022 season. This is a huge surprise.

On Sunday, the residents of Warsaw finished work on their dance floor. They withstood the pressure, climbed to the heights again and after two victories at Ostrów Wielkopolski, they had a home victory of 85:81, closing the series.

– No need to divorce so much. Big congratulations to Legia Warsaw, who won three games in a row, and it shows that they are a better team than us at the moment. I wish them all the best in the semi-finals – said Igor Milic, coach of Arged BM Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski and the Polish national team at the post-match press conference.

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– We lost as we go home. Legia showed that it doesn’t matter where one enters the playoffs. The most important thing is to play basketball to the end. Then great things can be done. We didn’t find this basketball. It is true that we had opportunities, but we were not able to take advantage of them – the role was admitted by Damien Colleg.

Arged BM Stal, whose elimination in the quarter-finals of the Polish championship was a huge disappointment, scored only 26 of 71 shots of the match. Again, the efficiency of the circuit (10/31) was poor. Trey Drechsell scored 14 points and Damien College completed a double (11 points and 10 rebounds). “Stalówka” and Igor Milicić will not defend the championship. This person is to blame.

– Failed. You have to hit your chest. Losing in the quarter-finals was not our goal. Do not talk about us, write and talk about Lygia – plead.

“What failed?” – asked reporters.

– There was something missing in every match. In the first game we didn’t play well in defense and then we improved it but our attack failed. The third meeting is a completely different story. Our heads weren’t cold at the end of the matches. But he said matches like this are won and lost much earlier.

“After every game we did something, we tried, but it wasn’t enough,” he added.

Stahl’s quarter-final match was very chaotic, not only ineffective, but also lacking in the use of their strength. Leaders – James Florence, James Palmer Jr. or Michael Young, who simply missed the play-offs, failed. They totally couldn’t handle the hard-playing Varsovians, who were so well prepared for this competition.

Steele in this series was severely reprimanded by Raymond Quills, who scored in all games 52 points in total, firing as many as 14 shots from distance! On Sunday – despite his health issues – he awarded his opponents 25 points (7/14 to three).

– It was unacceptable to leave too much space for the top scorer – Milic was shocked after the match, whose future at Stal became under a big question mark. The same is the case with the players.

Sunday’s match in the lounge at Bemowo was watched by a large crowd of fans. The interest was so great that the organizers decided to organize additional seats. Those fans in Warsaw who decided to watch this match live certainly did not regret it. Legia continues, Stal finishes the season!

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Will Igor Milic continue to lead the Arged BM Stal?

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