You can see the sections!  Do you still see them on the map of Poland?

What exactly is this saying and why does it not necessarily apply to partitions. On the topic in Butterfly and Globe Today, Marcin Nowak’s Geographical Course.

There is no doubt that the political, economic and social situation in a particular region and country can be clearly depicted on the map. Or, more expertly, on an electrocardiogram or schematic diagram. What are the differences and what are the names? Ha! Uneven map map.

The first shows the diversity of phenomena in space using different colors and their intensity for administrative units: poviats, voivodships, countries. This is useful in showing the results of party support, the referendum, or the existence of a social phenomenon.

The latter are somewhat similar, but they show within a certain unit the percentage of differentiation of the phenomenon in it. This is useful, for example, in clarifying the use of language in a particular area.

Thanks to this first depiction, we can quickly notice interesting inconsistencies or exceptions to the rule. That part of a country or region is significantly different from another, or as a whole. What do I mean? Let us see it better in some specific examples: the economic map of Italy, the political and ethnographic map of Romania, the historical Germany, or the linguistic map of Ireland.

An overview of these maps and a commentary by cartographer, Szymon Pifczyk from Extreme Cartography about the most interesting and most talked about maps of this famous profile, can be seen in the film portion of the material in the final episode of “Motyl” i Globus “.

Marcin Nowak is a geographer, journalist, and author of documentaries on architecture. He conducted lessons with students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Silesia.

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