Only two candidates remain to lead the Montreal police

There are only two candidates in the race for direction of the Montreal police force, the outcome of which will be known this Thursday, our investigative bureau has learned.

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After a seven-month interim and several internal tensions at the Service de police de laville de Montréal (SPVM), the name of the person who will lead the organization for the next few years will be announced on November 24.

During the general meeting of the Commission de la sécurité publique, the name of the person to be elected to the position vacated by former president Sylvain Caron will be announced.

As of this writing, our sources say there are still two candidates vying for the top position of chief of the province’s largest metropolitan police department.

Medieval chef Sophie Roy is considered a local favorite.

Its deputy director Vincent Richer is also shortlisted by the selection committee.


At least three people have applied:

  • Jean-Ernest Celestin, former assistant director of the SPVM and current inspector at Via Rail, took it back;
  • Inspector Patrick Lavallee of the SPVM, whose candidacy was rejected due to his lack of experience in the executive committee;
  • Brigitte Parabe, chief inspector of the SPVM, was not selected for the same reasons.

However, several police sources, who are not authorized to speak to the media, tell us that the removal of the latter two has caused a stir within the ranks:

“Chief Inspector Brigitte Barabe is on the merit list [pour devenir directrice adjointe] Almost two years still no promotion. This affected her as she was unable to develop the management experience she needed,” says one of our sources.

Meanwhile, in 2021, an acting deputy director was appointed despite not having a bachelor’s degree, which is required for the position.

This adds to the tension, indicating another source familiar with the internal management at SPVM.

We tried to gather Brigitte Barabé and other candidates’ version of the facts, but no one returned our calls.

After notification by the Commission de la sécurité publique, the Executive Board must approve the selection of the successful candidate, followed by the Council of Ministers in Quebec.

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