Human remains were found in the Baltic Sea, where a private plane crashed

“We found many body fragments that may belong to missing persons. The remains have been submitted for examination in order to identify the victims,” ​​Latvian Navy spokeswoman Leva Vita told TV2.

Vita added that fragments of the plane’s wreckage, including seats, were found at sea on Monday.

The disaster occurred on Sunday evening in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia. According to the media was on the plane German pilot Peter Griezmann, 72, his wife Julian, 68, daughter Lisa, 26, and her partner, 27. The family flew from southern Spain to Germany.

The plane was supposed to land on Sunday afternoon in Cologne, but it continued to fly at a high altitude over the Baltic Sea for unknown reasons. The pilot reported a pressure problem shortly after takeoff, then lost contact when the plane left the air over the Iberian Peninsula. The fighters, captured by the Danish army, did not see anyone in the cockpit.

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