March 28, 2023


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Putin will fall when Ukraine takes back Crimea

Kasparov gave an interview to the German daily Bild. Asked about clouds by Olaf Schultz Leopard resolutions. The chess player asserts that the goal is victory for Ukraine, and any inconsistency is exploited by Putin. “When you face a predator, you have to look it in the eye. If you run away, you lose. Putin relies on this weakness, and his propaganda celebrates this indecisive attitude of the West. A dictator must present an image of strength, otherwise he will fall. This is why Putin is constantly escalating Threatening him with nuclear weapons.

“The West does not have a choice between good and evil, but rather between evil and the lesser of them evil. The collapse of the Russian state is not an ideal scenario, but the continuation of the Russian Empire will be worse. In 1991, the USSR died, but not the claims of the Russian Empire. Only without these, Garry Kasparov said Claims Russia can become a normal country.

Without ideology, there is no Putin

asked the Russian “Bild” about When will Putin’s regime fall?? – As soon as Crimea is liberated, Putin’s regime will collapse. Such systems need welding ideology, which is a myth. If the Russians saw that the Crimea was lost, the legend would collapse. Therefore, the German government should be clear: the goal is to liberate all of Ukraine. Berlin has a moral obligation because the crimes of the Putin regime were financed with German money. As Germany wanted more and more cheap gas, Putin was not only able to arm his army; The Russian chess player also said that Berlin’s behavior also convinced him that Germany would remain silent regardless of other crimes committed by Russia.

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