“Lubnauer Lubnauer Massacres”.  These are credit subsidies

The interest-free housing loans proposed by the leader of the Mailbox, Donald Tusk, are “the hope that children will finally be born in Poland,” as well as “a very powerful incentive to stimulate the economy,” believes Katarzyna Lubnauer (Novochesna). And the same deputy warned not so long ago that a similar solution would lead to an increase in the price per square meter of an apartment.

Tusk promises a 0 percent loan. Government Spokesperson: This could mean an increase in salaries

I’m afraid there is no credit for the first apartment, which the head of the mailbox, Donald Tusk, has suggested, because it might mean an increase in home loans – …

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And Labor leader Donald Tusk promised that after coming to power he would offer interest-free housing loans. The borrower will only have to repay the principal. Interest (including those payable to foreign banks) According to the postmaster, they will come from the Polish Orlen profit; The effect for the borrower will be the same as for a loan subsidy: the burden on the family budget will be less.

Katarzyna Lubnauer, in an interview with Wirtualna Polska, assessed that such a solution was “the hope that children will finally be born in Poland”, as well as “a benefit for the whole country”.

– I think this is a very strong incentive to stimulate the economy. If we had that flywheel in the form of a big housing program, it would revitalize everything. Because these are workplaces, these are additional furniture and so on, – she said.

And the show’s host recalled Nowoczesna’s own words from 2021, when she warned that “loan subsidies end with an increase in the price per square meter of housing.” Catherine Loebnauer argued that the context of these two statements was different.

She noted that there is much higher inflation at the moment and that Poles cannot afford loans. However, she did not explain why the rise in housing prices is unfavorable in conditions of low inflation, and the effect of demand and money flows into the market she described in conditions of high inflation – positive. The reason for raising interest rates (making loans more expensive) is to limit the amount of money in the market to counteract inflation.

Loebnauer also noted a decrease in the number of births in 2022 (true, 27,000 fewer than in 2021). However, the fertility rate in Poland also in 2021 and earlier was well below the generational replacement level. Under the PO-PSL rule it ranged from 1.26 to 1.39, under the United Right rule it ranged from 1.32 to 1.45.

According to the show’s host, politician Nowoczesna gave her opinion as of 2021 “when Donald Tusk had not yet announced his show.” – I think if Donald Tusk hadn’t announced this program recently, you would have said the same thing, too, – he added. The screen also showed the comment of Mateusz Rostkowski of the Together party: “Lubnauer massacres Lubnauer. See how.”

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