Mariana Massa has to cancel her presence on La Cemeine des 4 Julie because everyone is talking about it

Mariana Massa was on Julie Snyder’s guest list on Monday because she won the Best Olivier Award of the Year.

Her name was even shared on social networks (see picture below article) and her fans were eager to hear about this success, which surprised her and moved her a lot. Check out his amazing reaction here.

We learned that Mariana Massa had to cancel her presence Week of 4 Julies Because she was approached to participate Everyone is talking about it She could not do two shows that aired on different networks. If he had appeared at the Nuo Set on Monday, Guy A. His presence on LeBeau’s talk show would have been canceled.

Apparently Julie Snyder’s team tried to negotiate the production Everyone is talking about it, But in vain. We contacted the production of the Radio-Canada Sunday program to get feedback on the matter. We are informed that the Mariana Mazza column Everyone is talking about it Scheduled for a month.

So, this Monday, March 21st, Mariana Massa was not at the show, along with Matthew Pepper and Jean-Sebastien Girard, as we said, even the Oliver Prize winners.

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