The full moon in Virgo is happening this Saturday

Here's everything you need to know about this full moon in Virgo that will inspire you to appreciate your luck thanks to details from astrologer Carolyn Malo.

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The Lunar Calendar 2024 That already brings us to the full moon on February 24. At 5 degrees 23 minutes of Virgo, it is opposite the Sun in Pisces, next to the guide of the current Full Moon, Mercury.

The latter two are entangled in Fomalhat, the royal star associated with luck. The Sun for its part is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, feminine, earth and water signs respectively.

In fact, Neptune, or Poseidon to the Greeks, is in Pisces, a vast body of water where we are simply encouraged to believe. “Flow » Waves and letting go.

Look at how lucky we are every day

Meanwhile, we're still basking in the energies of the North Node and Chiron meeting in Aries on Monday, February 19, and the wonderful meeting of our close friends Venus and Mars in Aquarius on Thursday morning.

We can summarize this power as follows: “ Accepting who we are, integrating the subtle with the material to tap into our inner wisdom is our greatest work. Learning to return to the source is the whole process of human life, and thus to live in harmony and hope », explains founder Caroline Malo

So this is a moment of absorption, realization and awareness of all the good fortune within us. What does it emerge from? Thank you for what.

A full moon with a very feminine energy

According to Ms. Malo, this Full Moon in Virgo has the qualities of this astrological sign. It is very YIN energetic, overly feminine, welcoming, receptive, open and attentive.

« Virgo reflects the Sun's rays in Pisces. This polarity of the human and the divine represents the greatest integration. The only way to enter a state of grace and fully immerse ourselves in the concept of time is to unify our body and find ourselves in the space of the heart. », adds Ms Malo.

“Ganapati Kumar Unveils”

Conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius

This Full Moon on February 24th highlights the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius. The next meeting of this zodiac will not occur until 2054!

From the end of January to the end of April, we are in extremely powerful energies. Life wants us to trust the process, our process. Don't force things against rejection.

Virgo is devoted to serving the physical plane. It makes creation, production, existence a sacred act.

Happy Full Moon!

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