Huawei's new operating system is a real revolution.  Will it threaten Android?

After imposing several sanctions on Huawei in response to allegations of alleged spying on users in the US, the company has made it its honor to create its own ecosystem, completely independent of Google. There are plenty of signs that we'll learn about it soon — HarmonyOS Next is already close.

What makes HarmonyOS Next different?

It is worth starting with the fact that the “core” HarmonyOS, although it introduced a number of innovations, It was rather a comprehensive extension of Android. Moreover, applications available in third-party stores, created for the regular version of the Google system, usually work fine on them.

The Chinese have been saying for several years that HarmonyOS is a transitional stage that will allow them to prepare to leave the Google ecosystem. Everything indicates that this stage is coming. During the recent developer conference, Huawei executives announced this Change is very close. The first “internal” phase of testing has also been completed and it has been decided to accept new companies into the HarmonyOS Next program.

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The numbers provided by Huawei are impressive. The authorities of the Chinese telecom giant want to train up to 100,000 programmers per month who will be able to create solutions compatible with HarmonyOS Next. The Chinese government is also expected to provide financial assistance.

How will Huawei's new platform work from the technical side?

The fundamental change would be to abandon the stock Android kernel in favor of a proprietary solutionWhich will not depend on an open architecture. Huawei estimates that this will allow a three-fold increase in performance, but it also brings with it some problems.

barely essence There will be no Android, and a whole large database of applications will have to be built from scratch, which this operating system will be able to use later. The Chinese realize this. They also know that the first year will be the hardest. In 2024, only 5,000 applications of this type will be created.

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However, this will be “Year Zero” for Huawei. The Chinese giant appreciates this Soon there will be over 500,000 orders in their original store, where financial support from the government will play an important role. Top developers or creators who port popular games and utility software to HarmonyOS Next may receive additional financial rewards for this.

When will HarmonyOS Next be officially released?

The Chinese do not intend to rush. We know that too At least for a while, the platform will only be officially available in ChinaIn Huawei's local market. However, it cannot be ruled out that as time passes and the application base develops, a decision will be made about further expansion.

Polish fans of the brand will still have to rely on the regular HarmonyOS (which will continue to be developed), i.e. de facto on the Android port that smuggles a number of additional solutions from Huawei, which the community appreciates.

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