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Microsoft hasn't produced an Xbox One in a year

Microsoft hasn’t produced an Xbox One in a year

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January 13 2022, 22:10

Microsoft revealed that it stopped production of the Xbox One family of devices at the end of 2020. So since then it is almost complete?? Contrary to Sony’s position?? Focuses on the production of ninth generation equipment.


  • Microsoft discontinued all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020.
  • The items still on store shelves are perhaps the last in history.

yesterday Article – Commodity pisali?? my sonnyie in order to deal with the prevailing shortage of consoles in the market? Especially PlayStation 5?? I decided to ramp up PS4 production. It’s fun because Microsoft competition in July 2020 inform Regarding the suspension of production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in the All-Digital version. Only the base Xbox One S was still coming out of the “green” factories.

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These actions allegedly helped Microsoft focus almost entirely on its processing ability on the Xbox Series X/S.. The surgery seems to have paid off because Phil Spencer is on Monday?? Head of the xbox department announced that they The fastest Sell ​​consoles in the history of the giant Redmond.

Everything seems to indicate that this is the right moment for Xbox One family consoles to go on a well-deserved vacation. In an interview with the site the edge Cindy Walker?? Senior Director of Product Marketing / Xbox ?? I admit it The company is aware of this and has therefore stopped producing the basic Xbox One S alternative.?? Already at the end of 2020:

So it appears that no new console from the Xbox One family has been produced in just over a year. Those that are still on store shelves too?? Perhaps it was the last in history.


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