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Crushed King is proof that singles games will never die

Crushed King is proof that singles games will never die

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November 21, 2021, 11:44

author: Adam Zikinter

editor. dated. A fan of strategy, network games and good literature.

When someone says singles games are going downhill again, show them the wrecked king. The new title released by the developers of League of Legends isn’t a gaming service, but rather one title that’s wisely backed by this gaming service.

A big company that lives on a very popular services game has issued a new day. We were expecting it to be another free-to-play item, right? But Riot has other plans. Twrcy League of Legends They just pulled out Destroyer KingIt is a classic single player adventure. It turns out that although such productions earn less, their many times announced death is still as certain as this comet’s destruction of Earth, which frightens the headlines in the network every two months.

It’s no secret that the highest-earning games are giant, long-lived games. I can make a big impact every year (FIFA) or paid add-ons (Fate 2), or just constant updates (very funnyAnd It is an electronic game), however, products of this type bring the creators of the full container of money (and of course there are also mobile games, let’s not forget about them). And what is also important, Revenue is mainly or largely excluded from small payments This is well known to be the case with free items, but like EAs, after all, they sell out every year fifth- For 250, other box titles are also read He gets a lot of so-called live services (i.e., by and large, microtransactions) more than selling full versions of games.

Riot has found a golden way Destructive episode It is only part of a larger marketing campaign. Very wise and effective and I am a good example of that. out League of Legends It has become so great that the game is having a hard time getting new players. So the producer comes up with a great idea to promote his milk cow in many new ways. Big Arcane series From Netflix, watch people who haven’t played in years, maybe never. On the other hand wild rift, which is the portable version lol-aIt attracts casual people on mobile devices or people who don’t have time for these 40 minute games of the desktop version of the game. I’m a great example of this myself League of Legends I have no strength, and ah wild rift I just had 30 hours or so recently. All thanks to the fact that the last clashes there were also 15 clashes, and the game has a duration of 20 minutes.

Destroyer King It is an attempt to communicate with LoL-em To another group, they are admittedly hardcore players, but those who have a distance from the online giants, as they prefer to follow singles. Who knows, maybe after playing a single-player RPG and without microtransactions, let them be a little smaller? Maybe I’m curious about the universe League of Legends Deciding to call the game the parent (mobile or large version of Riot does not matter)? Or maybe buy a figurine of one of the many characters? Regardless of the product’s motives for promotion lol-a I was sure there was a lot to be happy about Destroyer King smash. This is not only an interesting RPG (for our impressions you have to wait until next week), but also evidence that the game services may still need individual games, and please request them. We are waiting for more production, Riot company!