New option in Google Chrome

Google is trying another update to the Chrome mobile interface. In the beta version of Canary, another panel appeared on the new tab screen – it will remind the user of old photos from Google Photos.

This minor change in Chrome Canary was detected by the website Google describes the new browser panel as a place where you can “see your memories”, and practically – photos from years ago stored in the cloud. Of course, you must be logged in to use this feature.

Currently, not all Chrome Canary users can test the new option. According to ChromeStory, it is necessary to activate the flag NTP image moduleBut not everyone sees it. It is possible that the option will appear only for some users as part of the tests, after installing the latest update for this version of Chrome.

New option in Google Chrome
Image source: © ChromeStory

New option in Google Chrome

As it turned out, the function of viewing old photos may be available not only in smartphones, but also in desktop variants. Google Chrome. At this point, it’s hard to say exactly when it will be rolling out to a stable version of the browser, but as can be seen from the accompanying screenshots, it already looks polished and works.

Google Chrome is ready for Windows 11. Turn on the new style

Google Chrome is ready for Windows 11. Turn on the new style

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