However, these are not rumours, as the WTA has officially announced.  Świątek's fans do not hide their anger.  “gross”

There has been speculation about the organization's location for some time WTA Finals, an end-of-season competition in which the eight best tennis players participate. How are names chosen? Based on ranking WTA Race. There is still a lot of time left until the tournament and a lot can change, but for now the leaders are Iga Svetek (3140 points), Jelena Rybakina (2693), Aryna Sabalenka (2520), Kenwen Zheng (1785), Coco Gauff (1765). , Daniel Collins (1630), Jelena Ostapenko (1553), and Jasmine Paolini (1472). To obtain the qualification you need at least 8020 points.

The WTA issued an official statementIt was announced that the organizing body for the finals will be Saudi Arabia, specifically Riyadh. “And not only this year, but also in 2025 and 2026.”Moving the WTA Finals to Riyadh “This is an exciting new opportunity for us and a positive step towards the long-term development of women’s tennis as a global and inclusive sport,” said federation president Steve Simon.

We are impressed by the Saudi Tennis Federation’s commitment to developing the sport at all levels and have no doubt that players and fans will witness a world-class event in Saudi Arabia, which will host the WTA Finals in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

~ – He added.

The decision is highly controversial. When the first rumors about the WTA Finals in Saudi Arabia appeared, arguments were raised against it, most notably those related to the violation of women's rights in this country. People wondered how a tennis tournament could be organized in a place where the violations were so blatant. Even the legendary Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova issued private statements opposing moving the competition to Riyadh. But all this, it seems, was in vain.

The issue is being discussed around the world, and fans from all over the world are speaking out, including those who support the WTA Ranking Leader, I will heal you.

Iga Świątek is “very proud of her performance” after her stunning win in Indian Wells. video/News agency/© 2023 The Associated Press

Anger after the WTA decision was announced. “Sad, but not really a surprise.”

The decision on where the WTA Finals will be held is of great importance I will heal youHe is currently considered the main candidate not only to participate in the tournament, but even to win the tournament. If all goes according to plan, she will defend the title she won last year in a few months. Then I was defeated in the final Jessica Pegula 6:1, 6:0, won the cup, and above all, regained the leader's seat, dethroning the leader from September to November. Aryna Sabalenka.

Meanwhile, a storm has erupted over the official WTA social media post confirming the contract with the Saudis. Poles also speak. “You are disgusting and disrespectful to all women. You only care about money. That's it. “There won't be any crowds or anything like that,” one fan confirmed. Others echoed it. “You should be ashamed of yourselves. “You could have chosen the Czech Republic, the stands were full of fans, without any complaints.” “We could have had a good competition in Prague or Ostrava, but you wanted more money. Sad, but not really a surprise,” we read.

Money money money. It must be funny. In the rich man's world

~ – Someone else quoted part of the ABBA song in context.

Jessica Pegula, Member of the WTA Athletes Council, commented on the issue of the WTA Finals in Riyadh. She noted that she and other tennis players are reassured about women's rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They assured them that the situation was improving. “We spent a lot of time… A conversation with women from the Arabian PeninsulaWe also have Ons Jabour and other players from the Middle East in our ranks. We discussed a lot to understand whether we are making the right decision and whether we can contribute to helping women and women's sports in this country. “So far we have received the view that the situation there is changing,” she said.

It was planned to consult to some extent on moving the tournament to Saudi Arabia Chris Everett I Martina Navratilova. At least this can be deduced from the statement of Marina Storti, President of WTA Ventures. “We had a number of constructive discussions with Chris and Martina. Of course, they are WTA legends and very well respected. They had some concerns. In the end, we feel we are making the right decision about the sport, women's tennis, our players,” she concluded with a round of words. And our fans.” Quoted by industry portal

Jessica Pegula spoke about the WTA Finals tournament in Riyadh/Arthur Wedak/France Press agency

Iga Świątek is the favorite to not only qualify for the 2024 WTA Finals, but also win the tournament/Manu Fernandez / Paul/East News

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