Valverde’s wife: Words hurt more than any blow

Baena’s message can be found in this article

“Imagine when you are fourteen weeks pregnant and they tell you that your baby will not be born, that he has a life-threatening trisomy and that you can decide to terminate the pregnancy or wait for invasive tests that take more than a month…

Imagine they are preparing you to explain that you will have a stillbirth, that recovery is fast and that you will try again in two to three months.

Imagine, meanwhile, social media sending their condolences to me because there were rumors that I had lost a pregnancy that even I didn’t know about until now.

Imagine that from the first days of January to the 10th of February, when the decisive results came in that I was in bed, lying there for several days, giving birth to a child whom I did not know if he would be born, and meanwhile life went on.

Imagine my head and what I had to go through.

Imagine all this, and after you “deal with it” they tell you that you are taking advantage of bad luck. It breaks my heart, that’s right. Words hurt more than any punch, and I’m not ready to relive it all over again.

We do not encourage violence at any time. I’m sorry you received the threats I received too, but that’s far fetched. I never go into detail about how badly I endured two months of uncertainty.

I want to keep quiet, I don’t want to take that back, but come on… after all we’ve been through, it pains me to read that we profit from bad luck.

There is a God who sees everything, who knows reality, and we remain calm, but the wound opens so that it cannot close, because until the child is born, I will not have psychological peace. There are limits that should not be crossed. Not everything is allowed in football. Not everything is permitted in life.

There are limits. The limit is the direct pain you can inflict on someone.

I am not a spokesperson for anyone. I let go of my pain and if someone doesn’t come out today it’s because they don’t want to take back what happened. On the contrary, he wants to end it as soon as possible.

Family always comes before everything else. I’ve always said that, football is the least important thing.

Our bonus is that the pregnancy is fine and we will never take advantage of this situation.

thanks for understanding”.

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