“facts” TVN and TVN24 BiS were watched by an average of 2.78 million viewers in February 2024, giving these stations a 22.37% share. TV market share. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the site lost 5.23%. Viewers, or 153 thousand viewers, and its share decreased from 22.88%. – According to Nielsen Audience Measurement data obtained by the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal. At the same time, this is the smallest drop in the ranking.

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“Fakty” on TVN last month averaged 2.36 million viewers, and on TVN24 BiS – 418 thousand viewers.

“Ahdath” outperforms “7.30” and “Teleexpress”

They advanced from fourth place to second place “Events” Polsat, Polsat News and Events24. The number of viewers of the daily newspaper on three channels reached 1.73 million people, after a decline of 11.53%. (225 thousand viewers). The average audience of “Events” on the main channel was 1.29 million people, on Polsat News – 268 thousand, and on Wydarzenia24 – 170 thousand.

Every success makes us happy, and beating the competition in pure competition to gain public appreciation and attention makes us doubly happy. This is a success for the team, so I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this. Our main goal is to provide reliable information in an objective manner. Viewers appreciate this,” said Piotr Witwicki, Director of Media and Press at Telewizja Polsat.

“Events” received a larger number of viewers than the number of viewers of the new “19.30” service, which debuted on TVP on Thursday, December 21 of last year. It replaced the daily newspaper “Wiadomości” in the schedule.

The average number of viewers of the program “7:30 PM” on Jedynka, TVP Info and TVP Polonia compared to those broadcast in February last year. “Wiadomości” fell by 37.07% or 994,000. viewers. In February this year their number reached 1.69 million people (1.38 million on TVP1, 247 thousand on TVP Info and 60 thousand on TVP Polonia). The record SHR% for the past month was 13.60%. (“Wiadomości” in February 2023 received 20.62%, then the website took second place.)

“Teleexpress” fell from second to fourth place, and its viewership on Jedynka, TVP Info and TVP Polonia fell by 33.81% or 828,000 during the year. Viewers. In February 2024, their number reached 1.62 million people (1.26 million on TVP1, 318 thousand on TVP Info and 44 thousand on TVP Polonia). In contrast, the site's share reached 17.25%. (A year ago, the percentage was 24.38%).

“Panorama” lost the most, but it is broadcast on a completely different scale

In contrast, fifth-placed “Panorama”, which appears only on TVP2, had the largest drop in the rankings – by 73.05%. (i.e. 1.20 million viewers) to 442 thousand. viewers (TVP Polonia is not broadcasting the main edition of “Panorama” at the same time, and the daily newspaper has not been shown on TVP Info since the beginning of February this year). 'Panorama' Until December 19 last year TVP was available daily at 6pm The new edition of the daily newspaper (which debuted on January 10 this year) can usually be seen at around 10:30pm.

“Facty” also leads at 16-49

Among viewers ages 16-49, in February 2024, “Facty” also led in viewership, with its audience down 4.90%. Up to 895 thousand viewers.

“Activities” came in second place with 619,000. People (decrease by 7.33%). “7.30” completes the platform (338,000 viewers; -30.97% compared to “Wiadomości”). In fourth place was “Telixpress” (311 thousand viewers – 24.87 percent), and fifth – “Panorama” (115 thousand viewers – 56.59 percent – which is the largest drop in the ranking).

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