How to speed up WiFi and increase internet speed on your phone?

Slow WiFi is annoying and there is nothing strange about it. When we pay for an Internet connection, we expect it to be stable and for the transfer to be fast enough. But what do we do when our WiFi is slow, but we have a good, modern phone? It turns out there’s a way to do that.

Interestingly, we do not have to connect to the Internet provider or replace the router. The fast WiFi method on the phone is hidden in our device settings. Just change a specific option and your internet will start working faster than ever. I have tested this method myself and it really works.

What affects the quality of our phone’s WiFi connection? The router and its location play an important role in this case. We must think about where to place the router in advance so as not to negatively affect its signal. Do not hide the device in a closet or place it in a corner at the end of the apartment. This will make it more difficult to transmit the signal effectively.

If our phone’s WiFi is slow, there is another main way. It often happens that the wireless Internet on the phone is slow because there are too many networks available. If we use different WiFi networks, it may be found that our phone switches between them automatically. This negatively affects the quality of the received signal.

How to speed up WiFi on Android phone?

To make WiFi faster on your Android phone, you need to disable automatic WiFi network connection. To do this, go to the Settings tab Network and Internet. Then we find the WiFi option. We will see several WiFi networks available.

You should select the ones you don’t want your phone to connect to. Next to the name you will find a gear icon. We click on it and find the option Automatic login -It must be stopped.

Faster WiFi on iOS? The simple way

To speed up WiFi on an iOS phone (iPhone), we need to perform a similar procedure. To do this, go to Settings and select WiFi. We select unwanted WiFi networks and disable automatic connection to them.

When we turn off automatic playback Connect to a WiFi network (individual networks), the Internet on the phone will turn out to be faster. How it works? Very often our device changes its connection. It may happen that it connects to a weaker WiFi network.

Even a better signal does not mean that the speed will be higher. Therefore, it is useful to reduce the risk of connecting to a worse WiFi network. Thus, the connection will be more stable and the Internet on the phone will be much faster.

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