Iga Świątek doesn’t matter to the WTA.  We reveal the deeper meaning of the scandal
  • The WTA treated tennis players to a strange season finale in Cancun. But this is not the end of the problems faced by Iga Svetek and the other players
  • Iga Świątek and other top players have sent a letter to the WTA authorities about this matter, but no one has listened to them yet
  • Everything indicates that the WTA rejected the Czech offer because it is actually waiting for the right moment to move the tournament to Saudi Arabia.
  • We spoke to Tomas Petra, who wanted to organize the WTA Finals in the Czech Republic. He directly says that the WTA is lying when it claims that there may be a problem with Russian and Belarusian women entering the Czech Republic.
  • – It’s a lie. They have received confirmation that they can play. I even asked the government for a document assuring me that everything was fine! – says Peter
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– Nobody really cares about our well-being and health – said Iga Svetek after winning the match against Coco Gauff. The Pole was interested in the changes that the WTA wants to introduce. The Federation plans to increase the number of mandatory tournaments starting next year. The top players gathered after the tournament in Beijing and wrote a letter to the women’s tennis authorities, but it seems that no one has listened to their voices yet.

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Iga Świątek in Cancun speaking live

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