POCO F3 has taken a huge hit in terms of profitability.  It destroys the new Xiaomi averages

Xiaomi is no longer the king of profitability, at least when it comes to news. However, what can be said about models like the Xiaomi POCO F3. It’s still in great shape and beats other Xiaomi averages. Do you want to buy it? Check out where you can do it the cheapest in 2023.

After all, nothing can last forever, what fate has sent you, you must lose. After all, nothing can last forever, and we will also have to pay dearly for Xiaomi someday..

Cheap Xiaomi was good because it was good and cheap. In 2023, we can forget about Xiaomi forever. You have to count on the fact that the last resort for lovers of cheap performance will be the POCO brand.

Personally, I hope that a model like this will appear on the Polish market Xiaomi POCO F3. Well thought out, well equipped, efficient and affordable.

Interestingly, this two-year-old smartphone can still be purchased, which is more difficult to tell than newer models from the same manufacturer.

For example, the Italian Amazon now offers the POCO F3 6/128 GB in format At a price of 274.42 euros. In the ranking summary that gives us About 1330 PLN. As the Ceneo plugin shows below*, None of the Polish stores offer cheaper.

Xiaomi POCO F3 Test – A powerful beast at an attractive price

Of course, there’s no deal of the year, best price ever, or promotion to die for. I don’t know if I would buy the POCO F3 for this money without hesitation if I were looking for a new phone for myself today.

On the other hand, I looked at Existing Xiaomi smartphones are available for as low as PLN 1,500 From the official Polish distribution. None of them are more efficient than the POCO F3and do not crush it with its general specifications.

The equipment of the Xiaomi POCO F3 itself also gives no reason for complaints. We get a 120Hz AMOLED display, a great Snapdragon 870 processor, 33W charging, a triple camera with great Telemacro, stereo speakers, and a splash-proof cover.

The more I write about the POCO F3, the more I am convinced of it, even at PLN 1,330 and two years after the premiere. Do you own it too?

* If you can’t see it, it’s probably blocked by AdBlock. Drop it off at gsmManiaK.pl if you want to easily check the price of the respective phone in Ceneo.

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