How to discover your personality – a simple psychological test

How can you know the truth about yourself? You don’t have to ask others about it, just do the appropriate exercise, which will quickly give you the answer. Tests that reveal how you perceive and evaluate people can reveal a lot about your personality.

An example of this is the psychological test below, which is very simple and quick. You just have to decide which woman is older and point to her. Don’t hesitate, listen to your intuition.

Which woman looks older?

Woman No. 1

If the number one woman, in your opinion, is older, this proves that you are very emotional. Your mood at a given moment is visible at first glance. You are a sensitive and empathetic person who wants to help the whole world. Those in need can count on your support, no matter who they are. You instinctively distinguish between good and evil, and have a strong moral backbone and sense of justice. Although you are full of emotions, you make important decisions rationally. It is undeniable that you have a strong personality and the ability to control the actions of others. Your style makes you love and respect others.

Woman No. 2

If you chose personality number two, you are an optimistic person who looks to the future with a smile. You are not afraid of challenges, but rather set ambitious goals. You have a strong personality, you do not crumble when fate throws obstacles at you and you keep moving forward. Try not to show your weaknesses. You always find a good solution in difficult situations. You say exactly what you think without hurting others. You don’t change your views like science and you can be relied upon. People admire your personality and your ability to deal with life.

Woman No. 3

If you choose the third woman, you show that you are a leader because you tend to control others. You can be seen and heard from afar, and your energy and charisma attract people who are happy to follow your lead. You know very well what you are interested in and stubbornly follow through with your plans. You motivate others to act, and willingly support them with good words and advice. You often hide your feelings, but you fully understand the feelings of others. Contrary to appearances, you have a lot of warmth and sensitivity.

Woman No. 4

If you choose the last woman, family and friends are most important to you. You are warm, caring and very sensitive. You do not like large parties and a lot of companies. You can be described as a mysterious introvert, and you do not like to talk openly about your feelings. You have your own world in which you feel safe and only special people are invited into it. You value established rules, are very loyal to your loved ones and expect similar treatment for yourself. You need more time to fully trust someone. When making decisions, you listen to your intuition, and are willing to follow your heart more than your head.


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