Why do you go to the cinema?  “True Love”, “A Knife in the Silence of the Night”, “Bloody Communion”

On the 20th anniversary of its premiere, the iconic British comedy “This is love” Returns to movie screens. film Richard Curtis It has been remastered and as of December 8 you will be able to watch it in cinemas in 4K quality. The production has been at the top of many rankings of the best romantic comedies and Christmas-related films for years. The story of the love adventures of Londoners also turned out to be a huge commercial success. With a budget of just $40 million, the film grossed nearly $250 million. We saw a galaxy of British stars on screen, proving that love is possible anytime, anywhere.

Prime Minister Hugh Grant falls in love at first sight with one of his office workers.Martin McCutcheon) Only moments after entering the building at 10 Downing Street… A writer (Colin Firth) flees to the south of France to heal a broken heart and find new love on the shores of a lake… A married woman (Emma Thompson) suspects her husband (Alan Rickman) of… He slips away from her… A young married woman (Keira Knightley) misinterprets her husband’s best friend’s distance from her… A student desires the attention of an unattainable school girl… A widowed stepfather (Liam Neeson) tries Reaching out to the son he barely knows…an office worker looking for love (Laura Linney) is fascinated by her colleague… an old “I’ve seen it all, but I don’t remember much of it” rock star (Bill Nighy) who wants to return to the stage in his own way at the end of his career… Love causes chaos in both of their lives.

The destinies of these Londoners intertwine, coming to a head on Christmas Eve – with romantic, funny and bittersweet consequences for anyone lucky (or unlucky) to fall under the spell of love.

Although we easily accept that there are more than 20,000 species of bees, many people have difficulty accepting human diversity. Eight-year-old Lucia experiences this firsthand (she won an award for her performance at the 2023 Berlinale when she was just ten years old). Sofia Otero), who – clearly against her will – is still addressed by most of her relatives by her formal name, Aitor. During her vacation in a Basque village, the heroine encounters very different situations – from the apparent reluctance of her conservative grandmother, to the passivity of her missing mother. Lucia, constantly defending her identity, gains a surprising ally – an aunt who takes care of the titular bees and lives in harmony with nature. This is the description in brief “20 thousand species of bees”Best Spanish film of the year.

Because of the mysterious letter, Charlotta – the main heroine of the Czech-Slovak story “Night Lightning” – He returns to his village in the mountains to receive the inheritance of his deceased mother. The village community, which still believes in witches, treats her with suspicion and prejudice. Only in free-thinker Mira finds an ally and friend who helps her unravel the mystery of her tangled biography, triggering painful memories. The deeper the two women delve into the village’s secrets, the more they are suspected of witchcraft.

Action in a Danish family production “The most beautiful Christmas.” It takes place during Christmas immediately after the war. 9-year-old Stein arrives by train to a small mountain village in search of shelter. There he meets the shoemaker Andersen – a bitter and lonely man. Meeting these two changes their lives forever. A charming little girl brings the magic of Christmas to the village and makes everyone realize that life is more beautiful when it can be shared with others.

It’s time to meet Winter with Kitty the Cat on the big screen! In animation “Kitty Kat under the Christmas tree“Together we will visit the library, ride the train and play in the snow! What else awaits our sweet heroine? There is always something going on in Kitty Kochi’s life. When she is not building a snowman and throwing snowballs with Buck, Adelka and Julian, she goes with her father on a trip and discovers that the railway Great! Another day, she will look for bedtime reading in the library, where she will learn how to make books. There are also a lot of new things waiting for you at home. She and her grandmother will prepare delicious soup and bake cakes, and after a moment, she will be running around in all around the room with a vacuum cleaner. She’ll get a little sick from all the excitement and win. She won’t be able to sleep, but thanks to her attentive mother’s help, she’ll be back on her feet in no time!

Spanish horror heroines “Bloody Company” There are two eighteen-year-olds – the quiet Sarah and the extrovert Rebecca. The girls find an old doll wearing a sacrificial garment, and the next day they begin to notice strange spots on the body, hear a young girl’s voice and are attacked by mysterious forces. They must quickly learn the doll’s history before they go crazy and end up bloodied like their ancestors.

horror “dark windows” It tells the story of four teenagers: Tilly, Monica, Peter and Alison, who get into a car accident. Allison died from her injuries. In the aftermath, Alison’s uncle confronts the group and blames them for her death. Monica suggests they leave the city and stay at her grandparents’ summer house in the American countryside. Here they will be able to process the grief over the loss of their friend and stay out of sight until everything calms down. When they arrive home, everything seems normal and calm until a masked man starts terrorizing them and punishing them in the most horrific way…

Two other horror films were also shown in Polish cinemas on Wednesday. One year after a series of bloody murders on Christmas Eve, a psychopathic killer returns to the idyllic town of Angel Falls. No one can feel safe again. Horrified, Winnie, who lost her brother and a close friend a year ago, expresses her wish that she had never been born. But sometimes it’s better that wishes don’t come true… That’s the short description for a horror-comedy with a catchy title. “A knife in the silence of the night”.

She, in turn, is the heroine of a horror movie “Servant” She is young and beautiful Sam. The girl and her boyfriend want to find a friend who has been kidnapped by a mysterious demon. To save her, they must explore ancient rituals that open the gates of Hell.

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