NASA showed off their vertical farms.  They feed the colonists of Mars

NASA She showed what her experiences look like vertical crops. I have to admit it looks amazing. However, the most important are the effects of implementing such innovative projects. Scientists boast that they are just as amazing as their appearance.

The agency has an almost ready-made plan to feed the astronauts. they will be They grow vegetables on vertical farms And the printing of artificial meat using 3D printers. Needless to say, all this will be done in an ecological fashion. vertical farms It is based on hydroponics technology, which means that it consumes very small amounts of water and energy. There was also an artificial intelligence technology that allows you to monitor and properly support crops to increase the yield.

to me Innovative approach to farming Laying the foundation for an arable industry in a controlled environment, ie The. It combines botany and environmental control to improve plant growth and increase yield, often using vertical plant growth structures. This technology allows for the filtration of pollutants from the cultivated water and saves it The delicate balance of nutrients. Artificial lighting provides only the necessary wavelengths in time, intensity and duration. While environmental control maintains optimum temperature and humidity.

However, these technologies are not only customized Colonization of alien worlds. Since most of the devices we use daily were designed for wars or space exploration, the latest devices will also benefit all of humanity. Vertical farms are becoming more and more popular all over the world. This is good, because it is no less important than traditional agricultural land, but at the same time it is more efficient than it.

The United Nations predicts that the Earth will have to feed it by 2050 2.3 billion more people. It will not be an easy task, but NASA is sure that the vertical farms they are working on will greatly reduce the problem of hunger. This is a great message.

Scientists believe that vertical farms will practically provide a good start Unlimited nutritious lettuceOr radish or potatoes or nuts. Unlike those available in stores, vertically grown ones will be healthier and rich in essential ingredients. These facilities will not be afraid of climatic changes or dangerous weather phenomena. It will pay off Less waste of food and resources.

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