How to destroy the Polish tank PT-91?  The Russians showed the instructions

The Russian Federal Service of National Guard Troops (Rosgvardiya) has prepared a manual outlining the vulnerabilities of the Polish tank PT-91 Twardy. Warsaw was scheduled to send approximately 60 copies of these machines to Kiev. We remind you of the capabilities of these tanks.

According to the Polon portal, a graphic guide showing how to destroy the Polish tank PT-91 has appeared on the Russian W Kontakt platform. It was published by the preacher Vladimir Slovyov. In addition to the detailed technical description of Twardy, the drawing serves as a guide for soldiers, because It shows specific areas that are susceptible to damage in the Polish machine and are the weakest elements Allowing you to eliminate the vehicle from combat.

Polon points out that it is surprising that the authors of the charts have knowledge of the reliability of PT-91 tanks (they indicate the manufacturer). Russian drawings show that Twardy cars are likely to break down frequently – up to every 25 kilometers – and take an average of more than 3 days to repair in factory conditions. The fact that Kiev “lacks qualified service personnel and access to spare parts” is also said to be harmful to Ukrainians. – We read.

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It is worth noting that The instructions given in the Russian manual can be treated as consistent with reality. This is due to the fact that the Polish tank PT-91 Twardy is not a unique design, but a deep modernization of the Soviet T-72 tank, which Russian engineers are well aware of.

Russian drawings show that vulnerable elements vulnerable to damage on the PT-91 Twardy include but are not limited to: surveillance systems, sights, sensors and smoke grenade launchers. The elements of the structure and tower are also said to be vulnerable to attacks – The middle compartment of the previous part and the back part of the tower. However, the areas that Ukrainians should pay more attention to are: Gun cover and lower plate under the turret and hull. It is hypothesized that weak tracks may also contribute to Twardy's immobilization and destruction.

PT-91 Twardy - how to destroy a Polish tank?  Russian guide

PT-91 Twardy – how to destroy a Polish tank? Russian guide©

PT-91 is difficult

Let us mention that the Polish PT-91 Twardy tank features ERAWA reactive armor, an Obra alarm system, and a Drawa fire control system connected to a thermal imaging camera. Compared to its predecessor, the T-72 mentioned above, PT-91 has a more powerful engine. Instead of the W-46-6, the Twardy is powered by a Wola S-12U unit, generating 850 horsepower.

The PT-91's armament consists mainly of a 125 mm cannon. The Polish tank could also attack targets using 12.7mm and 7.62 caliber machine guns. The machine crew consists of three people.

Norbert Garbarek, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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