How much will iPhone 15 cost?

How much will iPhone 15 cost? We will find out on September 12 at the Wonderlust conference, during which the new Apple smartphones will likely be presented. It is said that the price of the iPhone 15 will be a killer, but how much will you have to pay for the new iPhones?

Sina iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

As in the previous year, on September 12, during the Wonderlust conference, four new iPhone models will be shown. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, as well as iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In the case of the first two mentioned models, analysts expect two big changes. The first is the resignation of the notch in favor of the Dynamic Island, and the second is the USB-C port instead of Lightning.

Source: Apple

Both versions will be very important for users of previous generations of smartphones that do not belong to the Pro line. The first is enforced by EU regulations, but will allow you to get rid of some accessories that are only used with iPhones. Soon, we’ll only be using USB-C cables, at least that’s what everyone’s counting on.

Dynamic Island might not be anything exciting yet, but it’s all better than the notch that most users didn’t like.

And prices? Interestingly, it is expected that despite two very important novelties, they will not change. The table below shows the likely cost of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Sina iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

It will not be very colorful here. The price change is supposed to be quite big, but it will be justified by more new features. Pro series models will get narrower bezels around the screen and possibly touch buttons, but that’s just the beginning of the changes.

It is planned to use the Apple A17 Bionic chip, which will be manufactured using 3nm technology. It is supposed to be more efficient and energy-efficient than its predecessor. Another change is the use of a telephoto lens with 6x optical zoom. Naturally, instead of a Lightning port, USB-C will also appear in this case. There have also been several reports of storage capacity doubling. In this case, the basic Pro models will have 256GB, and the more expensive ones will have 2TB.

Source: Apple

In July, the American Bloomberg service wrote that the price of this year’s Pro models would rise. This was also mentioned earlier by well-known industry analyst Jeff Poe. After analyzing all the price reports, you can come to the conclusion that most of them are consistent. The iPhone 15 Pro series could be priced at least $100 and at most $200 higher than the current generation.

Based on these reports, we have compiled a table of estimated and potential prices for these smartphones. And it was estimated based on the above rumors and the current prices of the iPhone 14 Pro series in the US and Poland. Due to high volatility, we have not included US sales tax.

The amounts offered, if they are at all close to the prices of the new iPhones, will certainly be rounded Apple style. So the cheapest iPhone 15 Pro can cost PLN 7,199, not PLN 7,150, and the most expensive Pro Max model (assuming the most pessimistic scenario) PLN 11,999.

Graphic release: 4RMD/Twitter

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