How many people would it take to establish a colony on Mars?

22 people is the minimum required to establish a human colony on Mars, according to a new study. These analyzes were based on computer simulations. The researchers also determined which personality types are best suited to a long-term stay on the Red Planet.

The description and results of the research have been published in the “arXiv” preprint database (DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2308.05916).

colony on Mars

In the context of a manned mission to Mars, or later to a colony, to which this mission will contribute, various factors have already been analysed. Even a few decades ago, it was thought which of the two sexes would handle better in such a situation? (Similar research was repeated this year and can be read more about in the text: New research suggests that a manned mission to Mars should be entirely female). This time, scientists decided to analyze the question of how many people should be the minimum number of this first human colony on Mars in order for them to work efficiently on an ongoing basis?

This problem has been addressed by researchers at George Mason University. Determining this number is important. It is one of those things that need to be thoroughly analyzed before establishing such a colony. In any case, it is equally important to identify the types of personalities who would be most suitable to participate in such a task. In the process, methods are also developed to overcome other potential difficulties that these colonists may encounter.

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