January 28, 2023


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Scientists believe they have found the fossil of a dinosaur killed by an asteroid.  this asteroid

Scientists believe they have found the fossil of a dinosaur killed by an asteroid. this asteroid

66 million years ago, an asteroid hit Earth causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists have just discovered an animal fossil that could have died as a result of this event, he says.Watchman“.

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Kamel Wizkowski was a guest on Green Morning Gazeta.pl (08/04)

The find is a perfectly preserved stalk, along with the remains of the skin. It was she who made it possible to conduct such an accurate dating. Researchers have discovered the presence of debris that could be a direct result of a collision from a cosmic body.

Fokas explains that the limb broke off from a herbivorous dinosaur, most likely a tysilosaurus.

NASA satellite image taken. Here’s the prowess drone

An unusual discovery for scientists. ‘This shouldn’t happen’

– This is complete madness – said the professor. Philip Manning of the University of Manchester. The time resolution we can achieve is beyond our expectations. This shouldn’t happen, it’s amazing. Throughout my career, I have never dreamed that I would be able to see something that is a) limited in time and b) so beautiful. They tell a great story – added on BBC.

It was discovered during work In the documentary “Dinosaurs: The Last Day with Sir David Attenborough” Executed by the British Broadcasting Corporation In North Dakota, at the Tanis Paleontology site. The dinosaur leg wasn’t the only interesting find – the researchers also found the remains of fish, which may also contain body parts.

Robert DiPalma, one of the Palaeant scientists involved in the research, is also very emotional. We see so many details about this place that it’s almost like watching a movie. They told us moment by moment what happened here – he said.

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Imagine gas giant AB Aurigae bGas giants may arise differently than scientists previously thought

Scientists have discovered fossils of other animals – turtles and small mammals, as well as the remains of a triceratops skin, a pterosaur embryo in an egg, and debris that may be the remains of an asteroid.