June 6, 2023


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Scientists have discovered how the red surface on Sharon Island was formed

Scientists have discovered how the red surface on Sharon Island was formed

During the research work, obtained The first ever description of Sharon’s methane atmosphereIt is “very dynamic”. At the same time, data was obtained that may indicate how the red surface formed in the northern part of the Moon.

Scientists believe that this surface was created as a result Synthesis of matter by ultraviolet lightthat breaks down methane molecules. Thus particles (similar to thiolins) “escaped” from Pluto’s atmosphere and continued to Charon’s surface, where they freeze at the North Pole. Tholins are created, among other things, from methane and ethane that are exposed to ultraviolet light. tholens It is the spectrum of organic molecules that impart a reddish color to the surfaces of some planets.

The research team created conditions on the surface of Charon in the laboratory for measurement Composition and color of hydrocarbons Produced in the “winter hemisphere” of the moon. The data obtained was entered into a new atmospheric model to show what was happening methane decomposition.

In the data obtained from the model analyzes, it can be seen that ethane is formed afterwards. exposure to solar wind Ethane can turn into persistent red surface deposits, which in turn are visible on Pluto’s moon.

Sharon It was discovered in 1978 by James Christie. the moon is spinning Pluto In a nearly circular orbit with a radius of about 19,600 km. One cycle lasts more than 6 days. Moreover, this object always faces the dwarf planet from the same side.

Charon’s diameter is only twice smaller than Pluto’s, while its mass is Eight times less From your biggest companion.

Little is known about the internal structure of this celestial body and its chemical composition. The moon’s distinguishing feature is the red surface at the North Pole. Water ice appears to “dominate” at the surface, where it is likely to be Refrigerants and volcanoes.

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