Horror and drama rolled into one!  Poland were already 2-0 up in sets and lost the M¦ U21 semi-finals!

Polish volleyball players In the tiebreak they can do something extraordinary. They were already on the shoulder blades, because they were losing 2:8. However, they managed to get up and started playing great and catching up. After a broken attack The greatest Italian star – Alessandro Micheletto There was a 12:12 draw. Then Stephanie successfully completed the attack from the left flank. In the next long movement, the white and red touched the grid. Bartosz Gomułka is removed from the match ball.

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Who will be the coach of the volleyball team? One candidate has the best chance

New information on throwing the star of Skra Bełchatów. The President: “Irreversible decision.”

The Poles were great at playing blocks

The first set of Italians was matched at 12:11. Then there was a defining moment. The Poles scored five consecutive points. They played very well on the block during this period (four points that way in this group) and were effective on the counter-attack. But the hosts managed to come close by two points. This feature was still at 18:20. After that, the Polish team took advantage of errors (12-4 in this match), the ineffectiveness of his opponents and scored three consecutive points.

In the second match, the team led by Daniel Pliński again impressed with blocking (5) and effectiveness in attack. The Italians risked serving, but kept making mistakes. In addition, they also had a weakness in attack. After two sets they made 23 fouls and the Poles had 10. The Polish team jumped again in the middle of the set. From 13:12 they took the lead at 17:12.

Michelito took matters into his own hands

Perhaps the Poles would like to forget the third set as soon as possible, because they stopped completely. Suffice it to write that they played poorly in every element of volleyball and scored only 11 points. In this game, they did not score anything with the block. And in the Italian team, Alessandro Micheletto was flourishing. And that was another bad news for our team.

Micheletto and Tommaso Stefani also led the Italian team to victory in the fourth set. In it, the tournament hosts played superbly at the end. From 21:20 they did not allow the Poles to score a point.

Michelto and Stephanie scored the most points in the match – 22 and 17. Respectively, Anthony Kwasigroch and Karol Urbanovic were the most successful Poles (12 and 11).

Poland - Slovenia in the semi-finals of the European Volleyball ChampionshipNew status for the Poles! These are the rules of the 2022 Volleyball World Cup

In the final, the Italian national team will play against Russia, who won the second semi-final against Argentina 3: 0 (27:25, 28:26, 25:17)

Poland – Italy 2:3 (25:20, 25:20, 11:25, 20:25, 12:15)

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