The end of Hades' adventure in ENCE.  Get off the team

ENCE reported on the pole’s departure via social media. It was a somewhat predictable announcement, with saying a few days ago that the 22-year-old could be relegated to the bench. At first, it was shocking news for many fans, but as you can see, it was confirmed very quickly.

Miśkiewicz has been a player in the European group since May last year. At that time, the well-known Alexey “Allo Galli” bid farewell to the team, and a Polish took his place. He quickly won the hearts of fans. Our original duo, Hadid and Pawe “dycha” Dycha were ENCE’s strong core and enjoyed a certain place in the lineup. However, the recent decline in the form of the Polish sniper, and the entire team at the same time, means that changes have been made. The 22-year-old has achieved so much in colour, he has won many championships, and they have been far away in other major events. Miśkiewicz played, among others, in the Major semi-finals.

It is worth noting that soon another player may break with the Finnish organization. Lotan “Spinks” Giladi is Vitality’s main transfer target and the two teams have reportedly reached an agreement on the transfer. When it comes to replacing Hade, ENCE cares more about the Spanish Sniper than the Movistar Riders. Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia, because of him, impressed so many people at IEM Cologne 2022, so it’s no wonder now that a better team wants to get him.

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