In Russia, the number of Covid-19 deaths rose to unprecedented levels for the fifth consecutive day – on Saturday, government employees reported the death of 886 patients. 25,219 new cases of coronavirus have been reported

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced about 1,344 new cases of COVID-19 – more than 300 more infections than last week. The ministry also said 23 patients had died. Scientists and doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York have discovered that an EKG test can help predict death from the coronavirus. As they explained, the discovery would be useful in treating other diseases.

Today’s report is a summary of the most important information about the coronavirus and the consequences of the pandemic.

More than 1.3 thousand infections

  • On Saturday, the Ministry of Health reported 1,344 new cases of the novel coronavirus.
  • Most of the infections were detected in the province. Lublin (254) and Mazowiecki (242);
  • 23 patients died. Four people died from COVID-19, and 19 people died from coexisting with other diseases;
  • A week ago, 20 deaths and 917 infections were reported;
  • During the day, more than 42.3 thousand. Corona virus tests.

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ECG testing will help predict death from COVID-19

  • Scientists and doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York have discovered changes in the heart’s electrical activity that can help predict which hospitalized COVID-19 patients are at risk of disease exacerbation and death;
  • The biomarker can be easily measured and predicts possible death several days in advance, giving doctors time to implement countermeasures;
  • It was indicated that with the help of an electrocardiogram examination it is possible to detect changes and determine the risk of death at least 2 days in advance;
  • Scientists assert that this is also further evidence of how severe SARS-CoV-2 infection is than influenza, because in the latter case, the average expected death was up to 6 days.

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In Warsaw they opposed the “sanitary segregation”

  • In Warsaw, he passed the Sovereignty and Freedom March under the slogan “Stop Sanitary Segregation”.
  • Opponents of Covid restrictions met at noon in Castle Square. Among them were politicians from the Union and representatives of the national movement.
  • Participants carried placards reading “Nuremberg 2”, “Nedzelsky to resign” and “Wake up Poland”.
  • We fight for the sovereignty that our political class gives to the officials of Brussels. We also fight for the freedom that our political class has taken away from us, that we have chosen, said Jacob Colesa, a party member.
  • There are indeed instances where dismissals are done unlawfully, without an appropriate law, in contravention of the Constitution. It is done by public institutions, and it is done by private entities. He stressed that we are showing today that we oppose this.

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British minister sets a warning for home workers Care

  • British Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Saturday that nursing home workers who fail to take two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by the November 11 deadline should “quit and get another job”.
  • The British minister stressed that the deadline for receiving the vaccine will not be extended, as the safety requirement for residents of nursing homes has been introduced.
  • If you work in a nursing home, and you work with some of the most vulnerable people in our country, you can’t bother getting vaccinated, leaving and looking for another job, Javid told BBC4 radio.

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today’s picture: Playing ball during lockdown in Colombo, Sri Lanka. On Friday, this country celebrated International Children’s Day. Within this framework, the authorities stressed the importance of the rights of children most affected by the ongoing pandemic – incl. Through restrictions related to the work of schools. To lift restrictions as soon as possible, Sri Lanka has started giving COVID-19 vaccines to children aged 12-19 who have comorbidities or are disabled..

PAP / EPA / Shamila Karunaratne

kmd / jo / PAP, polsatnews.pl

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