Home invasions and beer shakes: A monkey on the loose wreaks havoc

An escaped monkey that allegedly sneaked into a home after swallowing leftover beer, jumping on a car hood, and terrorizing an Indianapolis neighborhood for nearly 24 hours has been captured.

“Momo the monkey is safely captured. That was funny enough for us. “Thank you all for your help,” the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) announced Thursday at X, the “New York Post” reported.

According to the Southwick Zoo, Indianapolis police managed to escape Thursday after a monkey named Momo — a member of the batas family — is stuck in the corner of the bathroom of a home under construction, according to the Southwick Zoo. , the American media reported.

According to zoo data, this type of monkey can reach a speed of 55 km/h.

The monkey, which had escaped from its home yesterday, was spotted flying by neighbors who drank beer from a rubbish bin and jumped on the hood of a vehicle trying to get into it. .

“It took me a few seconds to realize what it was, so I closed the door and he jumped on the hood of my car. […] Several police officers stopped me asking me to stay in the car […] You can’t make these things up! ” Carrie Harbert in a Facebook post, according to the “NY Post”.

Another neighbor initially called about minor injuries from an “aggressive animal,” but the nature of the injuries was not specified.

Although Marion County does not require a license to own this type of animal, the prosecutor’s office must determine whether Momo can be returned to his owner.

U.S. media noted that anyone who had been in contact with the animal during its escape was urged to consult a health professional for prevention because of “diseases that can be transmitted to humans.”

According to the “NY Post”, Momo already ran away for the first time last July.

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