2% discount on cash or debit payment at this bar

A popular Montreal microbrewery that beat the fees charged by credit card issuers now plans to offer a 2% discount to customers who decide to pay with cash or debit card.

Le Saint-Bock, a company on rue Saint-Denis that has made no secret of its financial difficulties for months, has launched the “In the restaurant without my credit card” movement, which it hopes will snowball among restaurateurs and owners. .

Certainly, if customers board in April, May and June or beyond, Saint-Bock offers its customers a 2% discount on invoices paid by cash or debit, a way of sharing the savings created by avoiding paying by credit. Card.

“For example, $100 plus tax and tip on the bill [132,22$] Paid by credit card, restaurants may pay an average of $5.30 in credit card fees per invoice. The amount goes directly into the pockets of large multinationals,” the company explained.

By comparison, an Interac eTransfer charges less than a dollar per invoice, a huge difference when everyone pays with their credit card. Visa and MasterCard have already received $14,000 in credit fees since the start of the year, according to St-Bocque.

“When the average restaurant owner earns 2% to 3%, can credit cards earn 3.5% to 5%?” asked the business.

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