June 10, 2023


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Back to the Oliviers: Danny Turcotte condemns the arrogance of young comedians

While listening to Gala Les Olivier on Sunday evening, Danny Turcotte insulted his generation of comedians in the 1990s, when there was a comedy community and some great comedians like JiCi Lauzon, Mario Jean, Christian Bégin, Guy Nantel and Maxim Martin. The most injured.

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During the gala, Danny Turcotte railed against “the new generation of comedians’ disdain for the old,” which he felt was generalized, in a message on Twitter.

During her opening monologue, Gala Catharine Levac took aim at Louis-José Haut (“Too Old”), Guy Nandel (“Slow”) and Christian Begin (“We should let him do his business…”). Later in the gala, comedians Arnaud Soli and Virginie Fortin performed a number with two characters from the old comedians of the 90s who complained that they couldn’t say anything anymore, and were in turn kicked by Mario Jean, Maxime Martin and GC Lauzon.

Joined by the QMI agency, the comedian from Groupe Sanguine and Levesque Turcot qualified his comments, however, even though comedy has grown a lot in recent years, “it’s not what was done in the past. [forcément] Throw it in the trash.”

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The comedian admits to sometimes having a bit of a hard time with the concept, as the sole holder of the Olivier for Best Comedic Role died out after his success. [que les nouveaux humoristes] Have a sense of humor [sa] generation”.

“Certainly, lessons and ways of doing things have changed, and that’s right! I love to see the new faces of our comedy go and I’m proud to be another part of this beautiful gang,” she added, underlining the significant contribution of women in what was once “a boy’s club”.

“The new generation of comedians are extraordinary, creative, versatile and very funny. I love how women have carved out a place for themselves in this ’90s boys’ club environment!” said Danny Turcotte.

With the Sanguin Group and Levesque Turcotte, the comedian has sold more than a million tickets in his career.