In pictures |  Rammstein works his magic

German band Rammstein, experts in rock and fire, reunited with Montrealers Sunday evening at Parc Jean-Drebeau as part of the first show of its North American tour. There was Denis Germain.

Published yesterday at 11:34 PM.

Photos: Denise Germain
Special cooperation

Photo by Denise Germain, special collaboration

Over 40,000 music and pyrotechnics enthusiasts gathered despite the uncertain weather. On the other side of the stage, there are a few hundred people who help prepare the show.

Photo by Denise Germain, special collaboration

Large group for one concert? The reason is simple: everything must be in place to ensure the safety of six musicians and the public to experience hundreds of pyrotechnic effects – 586, to be exact. Besides the flames, around 1000 lights illuminate the scene.

Photo by Denise Germain, special collaboration

Rammstein hasn’t come to Canada since 2017! And according to public opinion, the wait will be worth it. “One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen in my life! “,” Incredible concert! “, “Awesome, as always”, can be read specifically on social networks after the event.

Photo by Denise Germain, special collaboration

Lindemann, Richard Sven Kruspe, Oliver Riedel, Paul Landers, Christoph Schneider and Christian Lorenz are expected in the United States before finishing their tour in Mexico.

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