Here's how the 44 Quebec stars marked Mother's Day

This Sunday in May, many of us celebrate Mother’s Day, even the stars!

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Take a few minutes on social media and you will surely notice the tribute to the mothers. With heartwarming news or humorous archive photos, many of our favorite stars, whether they are with us or not, have decided to use this day to shout their love to the mothers around them. .

44 Quebec Stars Here’s how Mother’s Day is:

1) Etienne Paul

2) Sarah-Jean Lapros

3) Rosalie Wylancourt

4) Carolyn Neron

5) Pirate Heart

6) Charles Hemelin

7) Elise Marquis

8) Chandel lacroix

9) Andre Waters

10) Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge

11) Mary Soleil Dion

12) Natalie Smart

13) Philip Bond

14) Anik Jean

15) Maryloop Wolf

16) Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin

17) Mary-Line Jonkas

18) Ludovic bourgeoisie

19) Matthew Barron

20) Bianca Longbray

21) Benoit Cognon

22) Marilo

23) Florence Q.

24) Alexander Champagne

25) Remy-Pierre Buckwin

26) Emily Begin

27) Mirian Proul

28) Sebastien Benoit

29) Jean-Mark Genrex

30) Ingrid Cliff

31) Genevieve Tortiff

32) Bill Roy

33) Celine Dion

34) Frederick Duford

35) Renee Wilkin

36) Martin Juno

37) Sylvain Cosset

38) Ima

39) Katherine Lewak

40) Anne-Mary Vidanshah

41) Felix-Antoine Tremble

42) France of Love

43) Marina Orsini

44) Melanie Maynard

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