Roksana Węgiel told Jastrząb Post about her plans for the future. Have you thought about going to graduate school? After all, professionally, you've already achieved a lot.

Roxanna Weigel She celebrated her 19th birthday in January. She began her artistic career a few years ago, when she entered the program “The Voice Kids” and won first place. Thanks to this, she had the opportunity to represent Poland at the 16th Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She won there too.

Roxana Vigil remembers her school days

Currently, Roxy is spreading her wings on Polsat's reality show 'Dancing with the Stars'. Jastrząb Post correspondent Karolina Motylevska We had the opportunity to talk to her and ask her several questions, including questions related to education. How do you learn to sing?

I was a good student. neutral. I wasn't a particularly bad student, nor was I a straight A student. There were topics where I felt better and ones where I felt worse. But I couldn't catch up either. (…) I started (my career) when I was 12, so I had to combine it with school. She revealed that school was not a priority at that moment, but I passed my high school exams and my studies were good.

Looking back, Roxy has positive memories of her school days.

Primary school was a carefree time, so I have very good memories of school. Later, she switched to an individual teaching course, went to the School of Economics in Jaslo and greeted everyone warmly – she turned to her former colleagues.

Will Roxana Vigil go to college?

The truth is that I passed my high school exams to get this portal, so don't close it. I'm not saying that won't happen. She said I don't have any plans right now.

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