Be like Batman and equip yourself with your own batwing.  Powerful LEGO set at a promotional price
25 Mark 2024, 16:12

Batman is one of the most iconic comic book superheroes of all time. He's a great detective, knows a lot of martial arts, has money and a fancy batwing made of Lego. You can also get the latter, as it is available on promotions.

Image source: Lego; Promotional materials


Bruce Wayne, or Batman, used his wealth to obtain equipment beyond the reach of an ordinary person or criminal. Innovative technologies allowed him, among other things, to create a personal fighter, the Batwing. We can still admire this machine on screen, for example in this famous film Batman From 1989. It is the machine shown in the Tim Burton production that has been reproduced in the form of a LEGO model.

LEGO Batwing will please every comic book fan.

This LEGO batwing is a real model

The 1989 Batwing kit is truly impressive. Its wings are 58 cm wide, and the fuselage is 52 cm long -These numbers speak for themselves. To assemble such a powerful model, a large number of blocks are needed. In this case, there are as many as 2363 of them (And I hope you won't be disappointed by any of them.) Thanks to them, you will build an exact replica of the original movie, with missiles and machine guns with which you will stop the bad guys and, in the process, destroy half of Gotham City.

Source: LEGO, promotional materials.  - Be like Batman and equip your batwing.  Powerful LEGO set at a promotional price - Message - 2024-03-25

Source: LEGO, promotional materials.

The biggest fans of the film can also learn about other features of the fighter, for example its actual size or top speed. The batwing was mounted on a base that also served as a landing pad. As I mentioned earlier, the size of the model makes it difficult to find a suitable place for it, as it will always be clearly visible. Therefore, it is useful to remove the family crystals from the shelf so that this black wonder can please the eyes of your guests.

Batwing movie in your home.

The product is only discontinued for sale for a period of time

The 1989 LEGO DC 76161 Batwing set is included in the days of the short-lived media connoisseur. Thanks to this, its price is low compared to competitors’ offers. In fact, this may be one of the last moments to get an affordable model. The set is no longer officially produced.

Source: LEGO, promotional materials.  - Be like Batman and equip your batwing.  Powerful LEGO set at a promotional price - Message - 2024-03-25

Source: LEGO, promotional materials.

Until March 26, the set is available for PLN 729. Of course, you can also choose the offer com. outletuThe price is lower at PLN 707. However, in such a case, please remember that we may receive a package sent by the customer. So there will be no emotions associated with struggling with the box while emptying it.

This is the last chance to get the batwing at a good price.

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