A strip of plasma emanating from the sun.  Taka Destroys Elon Musk's Moons

On February 10, we heard the news that 80% of satellites were sent into orbit a few days ago Starlink space internet from Elon Musca It was damaged by a geomagnetic storm that blew through Earth’s upper atmosphere. assured her Stain Kit No. AR2936.

Now the slick returns from its wanderings on the side of the surface of our star today, unseen from Earth. The region is very active which worries astronomers. Spots have appeared in the area in the past dozens of hours Powerful Plasma Explosions.

Within 7 days, the region should be in front of the Sun’s disk as observed from our planet, after which it may trigger more and more powerful geomagnetic storms in Earth’s atmosphere. can bear fruit The appearance of the aurora borealisAnd in the worst case, it can lead to power grid interruptions.

Astronomers expect that The peak of our star’s activity in 2025. However, larger and larger groups of spots are already appearing on the sun. The period of peak activity always disturbs astronomers. Humanity is more and more dependent on electronic technologies, and satellites are rapidly growing in orbit.

Explosions in the sun, the effect of the solar wind on the Earth’s magnetic poles, and the resulting geomagnetic storms can lead to serious damage Or the destruction and suppression of satellites and other space installations in the atmosphere.

Earth’s surface power grids are also at risk. Scientists are constantly calling on governments to start preparing for the possibility of serious damage to transport networks and to develop a plan to protect the population in a situation that may last for several days. black out. At the same time, scientists are asking for more Money to build probesWhich will be able to more accurately observe the sun and will be useful in preparing space weather forecasts.

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