Holland.  Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is paralyzed - KLM employees protest

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has been paralyzed by an unannounced strike by Dutch airline KLM employees. And the airport authorities called on passengers not to come to the port. Police closed motorway exits to the airport. The strike ended around noon.

One of Europe’s largest airports was in shambles on Saturday as KLM’s baggage handlers unexpectedly announced at 6 a.m. the strike. Workers demand higher wages and better working conditions.

Strike at Schiphol Airport

Local media reported that dozens of flights were canceled and chaos occurred in the departure hall. The striking workers complained of poor working conditions and fatigue. Weeks ago, the trade union FNV warned that nearly 1,000 workers are missing in Schiphol.

“The lounge is currently overcrowded. Schiphol urges travelers not to come to the airport again,” the airport authorities said in a statement issued in the morning. “We are very sorry to do this, but it is necessary to ensure safety,” an airport spokesman told Reuters. For this reason, the police closed the roads to the airport.

Schiphol AirportEnvironmental Protection Agency / Ramon van Flamen

The trade union FNV stated that the strike ended at noon. The airline KLM issued a statement informing the resumption of flights. However, the carrier made a reservation, however, passengers must take into account delays and even flight cancellations.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the third largest airport in Europe in terms of air traffic, after Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and London Heathrow.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / Ramon van Flamen

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