Hayao Miyazaki separates animators based on…blood type?
Every country has superstitions that may seem strange. In Japan, it has long been believed that blood type determines personality traits. One of the adherents of this theory was Hayao Miyazaki himself.

Hayao Miyazaki separates animators based on… blood type?

In an extensive interview for the Full Frontal blog, animator Shinsaku Kôzuma talked about, among other things: his friendship with Yoshinori Kana – one of the most important animators working at the legendary Studio Ghibli. Meanwhile, he revealed an interesting fact about Hayao Miyazaki who heads it. He was supposed to separate his employees based on blood type.

Miyazaki checked everyone who came in and out. He had the desk closest to the door, so he could see everything. Whoever sat there also depended on his decision. He believed that blood type affected personality, so he decided to seat type B people and type A people separately – He said.

The belief that a person's personality depends on his blood type was very common in Japan. Group A was supposed to be typical of perfectionist people who are good at teamwork, sensitive, but at the same time unsure of themselves. Group B people were considered their opposite – individuals with a cheerful, eccentric and selfish disposition.

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