November 27, 2022


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Why does John Krasinski play Red Richards in the MCU? There is only one reason

in the movie Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness We saw a group of Illuminati from Earth-838 that included Charles Xavier, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel Maria Rambo, Black Bolt, Baron Mordo, Reed Richards aka Mr. Nice. The presence of the last of them lays the foundations for the introduction of the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why is that though John Krasinski played this role?

As the production manager now reveals, Sam Raimipresident of Marvel Studios, Kevin FeigeHe was guided by one thing in choosing an actor:

It’s so funny that Kevin cast John because fans have been dreaming about who the perfect Reed Richards could be. Plus, it’s about an alternate reality, so I think Kevin just said, “Let’s make their dreams come true.” I must also add that it has always been a great pleasure to see John on screen.

Al-Rimi confirms the writer’s words Dr. Gharib 2And the Michael Waldronwho previously revealed that while Marvel Studios didn’t heed fan voices when casting Illuminati roles, the character Reed Richards was an exception in this regard.

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