Have archaeologists found a plane for ancient aliens?  Scientists have no illusions

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The story of the discovery began in 1898, when a group of British and Egyptian archaeologists began searching the Ba-de-Emin tomb at Saqqara. While inventorying the site, researchers found a UFO A bird made of sycamore wood dating back to 200 BC. The artifact, currently in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, weighs 40 grams and has a wingspan of 12 cm.

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Researchers soon began to wonder about the purpose of the mysterious object. One says that the bird was to be used when hunting wild river birds. Hunters throw a wooden model towards the game to scare it away.

Old strange plane

Egyptian scientist Khalil Masiha speculated that it might be the first ancient aircraft model. This hypothesis gave rise to an unfounded “conspiracy” theory that “ancient aliens” were supposed to travel on a wooden plane.

But eventually, German researchers conducted an experiment in 2023 that dispelled doubts. The Germans printed a double model and conducted various aerodynamic tests with it. It turns out that a structure with such shapes cannot fly freely.

A toy, a cult item, or perhaps a weather vane?

As focus.pl mentions, Egyptologists also have many other, more realistic and realistic hypotheses. One assumes that the wood hawk is a ritual object. It may symbolize the Egyptian gods – Horus or Ra. Another builder says the wooden bird could have been a wooden toy or a weather vane.

Do you want to discover scientific curiosities for yourself? A microscope will help with this – below you will find links to several popular models:

Sources: wm.pd.edu.pl, focus.pl

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