Has Taylor Swift Forgiven Rufus Wainwright?

Rufus Wainwright clashed with Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, and their encounter didn't quite spark the fire one might have expected.

Either she's forgiven him or she doesn't know what the Canadian singer said about her last fall, which is when his daughter listened to Taylor Swift, and he doesn't really understand her.

“My daughter loves Taylor Swift right now, so I definitely have an acquaintance,” she said of the 34-year-old singer's music during an interview with Kyle Meredith.

“It's fascinating. I like to keep an open mind, and I think what she's doing is really interesting, and there's a lot of things I can't even dream of doing.

“On the way to school, it's a constant thing, there are certain songs that I like more than others … It hasn't happened to me yet with Taylor, but I'm not saying it won't be like that,” he added.

Rufus Wainwright's daughter is the one to admire her father's self-portraits with Taylor Swift. Remember that at the ceremony where she received the album of the year award from Celine Dion, she completely ignored the Quebec singer who presented her trophy on stage for her album Midnights.. The two women then took a break backstage.

Taylor Swift will release an album next April. She continues her tour by attending as many Kansas City Chiefs games as possible, where her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a player. He'll be performing in Japan on February 11 just before the Super Bowl, but he'll be coming to America specifically to attend the event. Private jet travel is criticized for environmental reasons.

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