The Dane filmmaker was banned from the Cannes red carpet for wearing moccasins

Kelvin Redvers, who hails from the Northwest Territories and works in British Columbia, hopes the event will teach festival organizers and help broaden the festival’s understanding of what evening wear is.

As part of a team of six Indigenous filmmakers with the support of Telefilm Canada, Mr. The Redwars traveled to France.Home Screen Office And the FILMBA program at the University of Capella.

Was invited to the red carpet for the screening of the film Almond trees By Valeria Bruni Tedesky. At the Cannes Film Festival there are strict rules for wearing an evening gown on the red carpet – black tie for men, evening dress for women – but there are room for traditional costumes, for example Scottish Guilds and Smacks. Indian Sarees.

Mr. The Reds thought he would qualify by combining his loafers with a tuxedo.

To me, these loafers are rituals, they are formal, basicallyHe said on the show Friday On the beach From the CBC.

So, I’m going to wear a big tuxedo, I’m going to be super cute, but I’m going to insert a little indigenous.

A quote Kelvin Redwars, filmmaker

When Mr Redverse carried his moccasins in a bag, he passed the first security check. He put them on and then stopped safely at the second checkpoint where he said he could not wear loafers.

No no. This is ritual for me, I am for myselfhe said.

Mr. A French-speaking member of the Redverse procession tried to discuss the situation with the festival’s security service. In the end, Mr. According to the Redvers, one defender was enough.

I think he lost his temper, but responded aggressively, “Go, go, now go, go.”

A quote Kelvin Redwars, filmmaker

Permission and apology

Mr Redverse was allowed to return to the red carpet after changing his shoes, but he says the incident upset him and the motorcade that accompanied him.

I was so shocked by this aggressive treatment in an exciting event for meHe says.

Kelvin Redvers says he hopes the Cannes Film Festival organizers will make Cannes film festival organizers think about the interpretation of evening wear.

Photo: (Ben Nelmes / CBC)

Mr. Redverse, TheHome Screen Office And Telefilm Canada met with the festival organizers, who were accompanied by Mr. The Reds apologized. He was later invited to wear loafers on the red carpet for the screening of Canadian director David Cronenberg’s new film. Future offenses, Monday. He says he encountered some opposition during his visit but was finally allowed to pass.

Mr. Redvers hopes his experience on the red carpet has allowed Cannes Film Festival officials to begin to think about the nuances of traditional costume.

According to him, the low turnout at the Cannes Film Festival explains in part what happened.

Guess they never revealed anything like the Mooseight loafers with this pair of beads.

A quote Kelvin Redwars, filmmaker

He hopes it will change, and Cannes is more than a red carpet: it’s also an opportunity for the network. According to him, six Indigenous filmmakers have made contact with industry representatives, hoping that they will lead to finance and distribution contracts for their projects.

We are all going to screen our films and attend festivals like this because we all have great plans and a lot of talent.Mr. The Redverse concludes.

Based on text by John Aspire, CBC

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