Halley's Comet will appear in the sky again.  It's already heading toward Earth.  Scientists know when it will be visible

According to experts, Halley's Comet has already reached its zenithIt is the farthest point in its orbit, which means that the countdown to its reappearance near Earth has begun. Although this may sound promising to aerial surveillance enthusiasts, yes it is The trip will not be the shortest. When will we see her again? It takes nearly four decades.

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Halley's Comet returns to Earth. We will see it in more than 3 decades

The most famous comets Since 1986, when it reached perihelion, it has been constantly moving away from the Sun. It actually flew over us once, but unfavorable conditions made it practically invisible. However, they managed to arrest her Space probesSince then, astronomy enthusiasts have been waiting for the second encounter. We already know that this will happen, but we have to be very patient. According to researchers Halley's Comet will reach the furthest point in its orbit in early December 2023 It was more than 35 astronomical units away from the sun. The prognosis is good: once it approaches Earth, it will be visible to the naked eye, even during the day. Unfortunately, that's it The journey will take more than three decades, or 38 years to be exact. Perigee – the closest point in its orbit around the Sun – It will arrive on July 28, 2061. That's when we are able to admire it.

We will be able to see Halley's Comet again. What is the phenomenon of Bella Eilish's song?

Because this is one of the most important phenomena, scientists from Chile are working to create it The largest optical telescope in the world, which has a mirror area of ​​978 square meters. Thanks to this, the risk of losing it will be much lower. The comet is expected to be visible in the late spring and early summer mornings It will be 10 times brighter than it was in 1986. Although it is believed that Halley's Comet was discovered by astronomer Edmund Halley, the oldest documented records about it date back to 613 BC in China. The size of its nucleus is more than 8 times less than 15 how muchThere are many hills and craters on its surface. It consists mainly of ice mixed with dust, which means that as it approaches the sun, It spews out streams of gas and dust, creating a kind of tailWhich may be up to 100 million km. At the same time, it also organizes an extraordinary aerial spectacle. Looks like there's something to look forward to, because even… Billie Eilish dedicated one of her songs to her – “Haley's Comet”.

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