June 1, 2023


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The magnetic crystal has an unknown structure. Her research has been going on for 30 years

However, before we move on to the main track, namely, the conclusions made by the scientists who described their achievements in the pages scienceIt would be good to start by making a few points. First: fractals are geometric shapes that contain detailed structures even at very small scales.

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If we take a triangle and double its side, its area will quadruple. Fractals are different. In addition, you can meet them in everyday life, for example, watching snowflakes or … lightning strikes. In new research, Jonathan Hallen of the University of Cambridge analyzes fractions of dysprosium titanate, a chemical compound that is a pure magnetic crystal.

Also called spin ice, it contains an electron spin that behaves like a bar magnet very slightly. By cooling the crystals to values ​​close to absolute zero, the entire system acquires an entirely new state and becomes a magnetic fluid. In contrast, the north and south poles, which form an inverted rotation, separate from each other as an independent magnetic monopole.

The magnetic crystal under study is called dysprosium titanate

As part of their research, the scientists set out to create complex models on an atomic scale. Their goal was to show that the movement of monopoles is constrained by a fractal pattern that has been erased and rewritten depending on conditions and previous movements. After entering the data into the forms, the authors viewed the fractals. The spin formations formed a network through which magnetic monopoles moved, and this entire network branched out in the form of a fractal. One potential application of the data collected is that it could be used in spinotronics.

We knew something really strange was going on. The results from 30 years of trials have not worked. After several failed attempts to explain the noise, we finally got a breakthrough moment in which I realized that the monopoles must exist in a fractal world and not move freely in three dimensions as they are always supposed to.
Claudio Castelnovo of the University of Cambridge concludes

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What are rotary electronics? In general, it is one of the areas of electronics. Its distinctive feature is that the electron spin is involved in the transmission of information. In the case of classical electronics, changes in current flow play a major role.