Test: What information do you remember about the multiplication tables?  Those who did not sleep at school will receive 9 points

Multiplication tables – a nightmare for students in schools

Anyone who wasn't a “vulture” at math eventually came across it. While multiplying by 2, 5, 9 or 10 is simple, other numbers can be problematic. Some people struggled for hours to remember a set of 110 arithmetic operations (from 0x0 to 10×10).

How do you remember the multiplication table?

The easiest way is to divide multiplication into addition. So 8×6 is 8+8+8+8+8+8. When multiplying by 9 to 10, you can remember that the tens digit increases by 1 and the ones digit decreases by 1. It is also easy to remember to multiply by 11. If multiplying larger round numbers, it is worth remembering, for example, that the result of this operation It will have the sum of zeros (for example, 100×1000=100000) – 2 zeros + 3 zeros = 5 zeros.

How well do you remember the multiplication tables?

How well do you remember your multiplication tables from school? Now is a great opportunity! We have 10 activities for you that you can solve and check how much you remember from your school desks and whether multiplication is easy for you! Test yourself on our math test!

Math competition. Do you remember the multiplication table?

Question 1 of 10

How much is 9×6?

See the only school of its kind in a container! They have to learn math there too!

Vicki Gabor on school and grades – Math is the hardest

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