Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge admits to depression after the turmoil he experienced

In September 2021, a storm hit Guillaume Lemay-ThiviergeAn article in La Presse revealed his vaccination status. Following this release, the actor announced the end of some contracts, Including a long-standing partnership with Hyundai in advertising. Since then, he has been particularly discreet in the company, from some publications on his social networks. His family And His wife was Emily Begin.

This Tuesday, he was on set Sweet salt, giving his first interview since the events in question. Host Patrice Belanger tactfully attacked the subject and asked him directly how he experienced it from the inside.

You know Patrice, we’re lucky to have people who are in a good position to let us know, after a few hours, that something is going to come out. Me, I know. I know an article is about to come out that is too complicated to manage “, explains the actor and animator.

He follows: ” I am telling you the real words my girlfriend asked me and the real words I answered. We are in bed and she says to me “What do you care if this happens?”. I replied “It amuses me”. I don’t need to be funny in this kind of situation. After all, I’m not starving, my head isn’t bombed, my kids are healthy. Sounds silly, but that’s the gist. I will handle the rest. And since I’m a big believer in wise sayings like, “If you fall down, you’ll be stronger later,” I already knew I’d get through this. “.

However, he adds: After that, I kept going, and then after everything calmed down I probably experienced some kind of depression. There my hands fell. The winter I spent was dark in my head. [J’ai eu besoin] Time, time, my world, my family, my children, to take care of me. »

Note that we find Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge for the animation of the second season of Masked Singers on TVA This fall, as well as a new season If we loved each other whose broadcast schedule is yet to be confirmed.

It will also present a new show titled Without any planWe will follow him and his lover in building a tiny house on it.

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